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About Us

Something Else : The Firm

"Something Else" is a Corporate Gifting company with a vision to provide unique and interesting gifts to our Corporate Clients. We have our operations in Delhi/NCR and Mumbai and cater to clients across the country. We have built a steady list of corporate clients over few years including likes of Grohe, Raheja, IOC, Suntec, Chrome, Timesgroup, Tata Motors, Reliance Brands, Sarovar Group, Safilo Group and more.

We are a gifting company called “Something Else”, operational in Delhi/ NCR and Mumbai. We started out with acquiring and servicing clients in our core field, Corporate Gifting. In a short span of 2 years, we had developed a strong supplier and vendor based in North India.

In a short span, we had developed a strong supplier base in North India. We developed our Delhi/ NCR market and created a good base of regular happy clients. We had repeat orders 9 out of 10 times. Our key idea has been to strengthen the backend and operational bit, and also take care of the front end in parallel.

I deliberately worked out of my home office and hired employees on contract and as per work requirements. This saved me lot of money over time till our operations were small. Overheads being sorted, we hit a breakeven and generated profits, even if marginally, in the 2nd year itself.

It’s now that we are taking the next leap and scaling up and expanding to Mumbai and Pune markets. Additionally, we are diversifying in to Consumer Retail through our Ecommerce shoppe (under-construction) and on-ground exhibitions across India. The main products for the retail category will be Indian Handicrafts, Home Décor products, cost-effective promotional items like keychains, selfie sticks, mobile accessories, pendrives, powerbanks; leather bags and others.

We have also conceptualized a venture related to up-cycling called "The Junk Project" The idea is to prototype products made from junk through up-cycling and understand customer psyche and market for such products. We intend to connect many such “junkies” and give them a platform to promote and sell their products. This concept will also be absorbed in the Something Else Franchise soon.

Our USP are

1) Huge Product Range Huge Product Range : We have products ranging from price bracket of below Rs.100 to high end premium products like Gold/ Silver coins and Bars, Salware and branded merchandize, to quirky promotional products and Handicrafts. We have created beautiful theme-based catalogues show casing all these various options.

2) Strong Vendor Base : We have a network of more than 500 plus verified regular vendors in various product categories. This gives us the confidence to give the client best service and quality as per the requirement.

3) Door Step Delivery & Logistic Support*: All consignments of up to price of Rs. 200 and/or quantity of 100 Nos. are delivered with no additional cost at the Client office in the city range of Delhi/ NCR and Mumbai. Anything above this will be attracting additional cost on actual. We also have courier tie-ups to provide you shipping services for consignments across India. This service will be on additional charge on actual

4) Gift Consultancy: Gifting has the potential to help create strong positive relations with your clients and employees. Our team provides you with intelligent, thought over suggestions apt for the occasion, budget and target audience you want to cater to

5) Best Competitive Prices and great Discounts on MRPs of branded Products

Note: "Door Step Delivery" Applicable for maximum of 100 units of value of not more than Rs. 200 per piece

Something Else is all about keeping the innovative spark in gifting, alive. We strive to keep consulting of clients better and providing them more unique and customized gifts. We also keep dabbling and experimenting with new ideas and explore extensions we can diversify in to. The next playing fields we are looking at exploring are Ecommerce and SE branded Up-cycled Products.

About the Team

Gunjan Varma ,

Founder & CEO



Experience:Gunjan has worked in the corporate sector across industries like Media and banking. During her corporate stint, she dabbled with various roles in marketing, promotions, business planning and Strategy, before she started up "Something Else", a corporate gifting company specializing in gifts, merchandise and Handicrafts.

​First Stint with SE:I started out SE from my home office and mostly bootstrapped and self funded it for as long as i know. Over 3 years, it has grown with over 1000+ products to offer to corporate clients and presence in Delhi and Mumbai. We are now starting out with the e-commerce arm as well to cater to individuals across India. It will mainly focus on Hand made and Handicraft items and Up-cycled products.

What drives you?

Dreams and the passion to make a positive impact on people and the world.

One thing we don't know about you: I am a trained Singer!

One inspiring incident you''ll remember you lifetime:Once, when i was much younger, i was able to convince a middle aged lady about the importance of being economically independent. She was a family friend and was educated. She had no children and used to feel lonely and bored. I talked her in to applying at the local school and, to my surprise, she actually went for the subsequent interview and made it.

This incident made me realize that it takes little to motivate people and it take little for motivated people to do great things! That's been my mantra at SE too!

Sonia Minocha ,

Business Promotions Head - Delhi



Experience: Sonia is a professional with a decade of corporate experience across various sectors in marketing and business roles. She is an active social member and is associated with many NGOs and philanthropic activities.

What do you like about SE?

SE has young and energetic people and I enjoy working in such environment. Have been a media professional for over a decade and this job is a welcome change as this suits my personality and temperament to take on challenges and interactions with people.

What drives you?

Good food after a day's work, seeing smiling and happy people.

One thing we don't know about you: Want to be a social entrepreneur one day.

One inspiring incident you''ll remember you lifetime: As One when i was producing an adventure show for National Geographic junior band, i spent a week in an adventure camp up in the hills, along with 25 children and a few educators. It was one of the life-changing experience for me to get involved in various activities like trekking, river crossing, bridge slithering, rafting and rapelling. While children from age group of 10 to 14 years did those tasks, i overcame some of my own fears and pushed myself to take the challenge. Child like enthusiasm and curiosity is infectious and I hope to keep this passion alive in my professional life as well.

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