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Posted by on Dec 4, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

5 essential elements for a memorable Off-site!

5 essential elements for a memorable Off-site!

As a team manager you might have to often plan on off-sites and get-togethers for employees. It’s a great time for knowing your team members and colleagues in a casual environment. Wouldn’t it be great if your employees remember the offsite and are all gung ho about the company and the good time they had?


So here goes the 5 most Elements for a Memorable Off-site

  1. Location: This is one of the most important and primary aspects to take care of when finalizing a company offsite. One needs to take in to consideration timing, employee comfort and most importantly, cost. One can scout for good deals on many travel sites and airline companies for bulk bookings. If one has time, feedback and suggestions from employees can also be taken and evaluated.
  1. Food and Stay : Stay options can be selected from premium to budget hotels or even hostels, depending on the preferences of the employees. The stay option should be clean and hygienic with good service and ambience, and should be affordable by all.
    In case of food, both vegetarian and non vegetarian food should be included in the menu. You may have to take care of specific requests like Jain food, non-onion/ garlic food etc. as well and make alternative arrangements if required.
  1. Fun Performances and Training – Off Sites are great way to create employee bonding. What better, than have all the teams perform various activities like dance, talent hunts, team fun activities, plays etc. in a high energy entertainment session. This will sure get everyone in the party revelry and camaraderie will blossom. The themes and related performance information should be given to all teams in advance for them to prepare well.
    You may look at clubbing a team training session as well with the offsite. Great deals on training at
  1. Social media and the related excitement– One can use apps like watsapp, Facebook to connect people and encourage healthy discussion and team camaraderie. Microsites and intranet can also be used build hype and excitement. One can also look at contests and themes for performances by team members. One can use interesting gifts for winners for contents and team exercises. Later videos and photographs can be put up and shared on social media
  1. Gifts – The last elements could be giving memorable gift to the employees as a remembrance of the offsite. It’s an easy and economic way to motivate and recognize the effort of people which may increase employee loyalty. Simple gift options could be, Card Holders, Wallets, Shoulder bags, Sippers, Photo-frames, Laptop and car accessories.

If one ensures, the above pointers for their offsite, it will sure be a memorable one, both for you and the employees.
Add images of suggested gifts – which I shall give and close the blog with the website link (gift images here will include ceramic mugs, sippers, secure wallet, card holders, organizers, branded writing instruments)
I shall share the images in the subsequent mail.

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