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Something Else : The Firm

What is SE Shoppe?

The e-commerce arm of Something Else is called SE Shoppe.

What else is “Something Else” in to?

“Something Else” started out as a corporate gifting firm catering to corporate clients across India. It has recently expanded to e-commerce as well. You can connect to the corporate page by clicking the logo on the top left of the screen.

What kind of products can i expect on SE Shoppe?

You will find Indian Handicrafts, Hand-made articles, quirky merchandize and up-cycled products on SE Shoppe.

How can i buy from SE Shoppe?

Now you can buy our products through Flipkart, Craftsvilla and Amazon. Just click on the platform logo you prefer and follow the usual payment procedure.

Alternatively, you can also express your interest in the product by filling up the "Enquiry form". We will get back to you regarding your query within 24 hours.

How can i attend the exhibitions where SE is present?

SE participates in very select exhibitions all over India. We will keep you all informed about all future exhibitions through various channels regularly.

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