About Us

The Journey

Experiencing the gifting industry up close threw some interesting and pertinent questions at us about how gifting is approached in companies.

Most companies, big and small, recognize the importance and impact of gifting on their employees and clients and set aside a significant budget for the same.

But the process is mostly ADHOC, OBLIGATORY and LAST MINUTE even after much thought and planning going behind it, or not! Many managers still face issues like limited gifting ideas, delivery delays and breakages.
At GSE, we believe anything can be a gift. It's the thoughtful selection, planning and long term strategic approach that creates lasting memories in the mind of the recipient. We understand a gift as a symbol of the relationship you want to nurture.

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Over the course of our decade-long journey of empowering firms to show appreciation to their clients, employees and business partners, we are re-inventing the definition of corporate gifting. What you get in return are referrals you don’t ask for and loyalty that makes people go that extra mile for you.

Our Approach

Our philosophy of gifting is based on insights on gratitude, reciprocity and empathy. We truly believe that giving with gratitude creates a foundation for a lasting relationship. From a brand’s perspective, gifting with gratitude is also an effective way to market authentically.

Our Offerings

(Ir)regular Gifting

Best in class curated products and brands for employees & clients that fulfil the everyday gifting requirements of HR and marketing managers. No breakage, No late deliveries, Quality assured.

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Joe Organizer

(Ir)regular Gifting

Best in class curated products and brands for employees & clients that fulfil the everyday gifting requirements of HR and marketing managers. No breakage, No late deliveries, Quality assured.

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Towards Strategic Gifting Framework

A Long term (1-3 year) gifting plan to forge & influence new connections and create deeper engagement with existing ones. We explore who to gift, frequency of gifting, budget and implementation along with measuring the impact of the gifting process.
We believe in creating an ROI of more client references and employee engagement for you by using the power of gifting.

Mindful Event Gifting Framework

Event gifting is traditionally marred with delivery and damage pain points but perhaps the most sad part is when the gift doesn’t even reach the client’s home!
It takes significant money and coordination to get the gift to its final destination. So why are we so obsessed with giving the gift at an event venue only?
We suggest two better ways to manage Event gifting and create feasible leads and conversions using their strategic power.

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Our Values and USPs

From helping you conceptualise or curate a gift to making last mile delivery safely, we make the gifting process EASY, EFFICIENT & EMPATHETIC, and YOU , the hero of your team!

We work with HR and marketing professionals to smoothen the gifting process & create an ROI of improved employee engagement and Client references

Core Values
• Merit, Quality & Integrity
• Logical & Problem Solving Approach
• Empathy & Prudence for both the receiver & giver
• Sustainability in thought & process for long term relational value
• Meticulous Planning & Analytical Thinking

Our Tenets

• Identifying Gifting Opportunity Moments

Consistency is the key to getting the best impact for your gifting. Instead of allocating a lumpsum budget for year-end gifts or corporate parties, why not space it out during the course of the year? By identifying moments in an employee’s work cycle that are opportune for gifting, you could ensure that employees are incentivized and engaged through the year. Same applies to clients and channel partners

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• Using the element of surprise successfully

One gets the best response from people when one gifts at an unexpected time. A surprise always makes an impact and is not obligatory in nature. It tells the person that the action is for the relationship itself, with no strings attached.
Surprise and delight are key differentiators of corporate gifting that seem to be mostly untapped. We practice “Planned Randomness” where we lay out a plan of action with regards to the gifting, with the recipient having no idea of what’s coming when, so when it does, it creates surprise and delight!

• Using insights to help you gift better

When you work with us, you don’t work with just another corporate gifting company. We take pride in our industry research and insights gained from years of experience in the market. We have developed guidelines and process to determine metrics for successful gifting.

Indian handicrafts for delegates
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• Using Empathy & Collaborative Approach

We believe that every company is different, and so will the requirements. We kick off our engagement with a short questionnaire to understand your perception of reward & recognition, client gifting and promotions. We’d like to understand how you do things – so we can suggest the best way forward. We are always a ping always to discuss quick queries !

Here’s why GSE is the Best Single Point
• Gifting Solution for your Organization:
• End to End Hassle-Free Support from order placement to delivery
• Large Catalogue of products & innovative • Gifting Concepts to choose from based on your budget & purpose
• Pre-made & Customizable Giftset Options with Gift card and Box packing
• Assured Quality & Immense Value for money
• PAN India Delivery Service, Global dispatches also possible
• Innovative outcome based approach to gifting with a long term strategic perspective

Work With us ?

We are always looking for disruptive and creative thinking professionals who would like to join our team and participate in change for the better!
We are currently looking for people in sales and marketing positions. You can share your CVs with us and reach out for any query at " or

Our offices

Registered Office
34, Kurmanchal, IP Extension, New Delhi
Branch Office - West
11th Floor, Lake View,
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Branch Office – North
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