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About GSE

Gift Something Else is a Strategic Gifting company that believes in the power of thoughtful gifting. For a gift to surprise and delight the recipient, the thought, timing, personalisation and quality, are as important as the gift itself. After all, a gift is a form of genuine appreciation born out of generosity and spontaneity.

We support businesses in the constant endeavour to improve employee loyalty and client satisfaction by working with HR and marketing professionals to create gifting solutions with empathy and gratitude at their core.

Add to this thoughtful planning, mindful curation and robust logistics, and we have gifts that strengthen the association at a deeper emotional level with surprise and delight for the recipient!

We have three offerings

Everyday Gifting

Six carefully crafted categories with mindfully curated products

Strategic Gift Planning

Panning the employee and client life-cycle across the year, an end-to-end, plan to execution service for generating long term Gifting ROI

Virtual Engagements

Remote Socializing concepts for Employees and clients to keep engagement alive virtually

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