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Mindful Event Gifting

Can we really take out the pain and heartache from Event Gifting ?

We suggest two better ways to manage Event gifting and create feasible leads and conversions using their strategic power.

Timing the gift better

Instead of getting the gifts to the event venue, say an exhibition centre, we can decide to give the gift a week before the event. It may be something that the client can use at the event. Alternatively, one can evaluate the most important connections made at an event and dispatch the gift within 15 days of the event directly to them

Branded Event Micro-site

In this case, we create a suave microsite with select gifts themed on a virtual events like R&R or Diwali or Fun Friday events.
Everyone logs in with a unique login ID and password and claims the gift. Once the event time is closed, all dispatches are made and tracked till delivery.

Check out our Concept Deck Here ➡